Systems glycobiology enabled by innovations in mass spectrometry and chemical biology

Glycosylation is a dominant feature of extracellular phenotypes. Glycoproteins present distinct combinations of glycans and amino acids that create unique molecular surfaces to relay biological information in a language called the glycocode. Despite evidence that the glycocode orchestrates numerous aspects of cell surface biology, we lack a fundamental understanding of the glycosylation landscape across the proteome, largely because we do not have tools to capture the glycocode at a systems level. Our group works to address this critical gap in current analytical technology to study glycocode regulation across biological networks that govern health and disease.

Latest News


The Winter Quarter 2024 begins! Nick is teaching

CHEM 321, Quantitative Analysis.


Nick joins as a new provisional faculty member of UW's

Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) Graduate Program!


We welcome new first-year graduate students Anna Duboff, Katie Kothlow,

Kayla Markuson, Jacob Russell, and Ruby Zhang to the group.

We are excited to have each of you join the group

and look forward to the fun science ahead!


Nick joins as a new member of UW's

Molecular Engineering & Sciences Institute (MolES).


The first pre-print from the Riley Research Group, "Instrumentation

at the leading edge of proteomics" goes live on ChemRxiv!


Nick presents a poster at the annual Society for Glycobiology meeting.


Nick joins as a new participating faculty member in the Cancer Consortium 

between UW, the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, and Seattle Children's.


Nick officially joins UW's Biological Physics, Structure, and Design (BPSD)

Program as a new participating faculty member.

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Our Philosophy

We are a lab committed to quality science and a supportive lab environment. Collaboration and mentorship are themes of our group,

and we aim to make sure everyone has the opportunity to pursue their goals in research and beyond.